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Laser Dentistry

We are celebrating our 13-year anniversary of providing laser dentistry to our community!!!

It has been such an exhilarating experience for us to provide this unbelievable level of care to our patients and we wanted to share this wealth of information with you! Dr. Bijoor, who has been trained in oral surgery, is able to offer unparalleled early interceptive care with a focus on prevention by using laser dentistry. Using the laser eliminates aerosols, shots and numbing while still providing the best results.

Dr. Bijoor is one of the leading pioneers in the use of modern laser dentistry for pediatric dental care in the tri-state area. With regular dental care from us, cavities are less likely to occur. But if they do, take comfort in knowing treatment involves no shots, no drilling, no numbness and no scary drill sounds.

We are proud to let you know that we are the first pediatric dental office in Westchester, Dutchess and Putnam counties to provide the turbo-powered Waterlase MD Laser for soft and hard tissue dentistry. This Er, Cr3+: YSGG has revolutionized Dentistry for children to a scale beyond imagination!

What does the laser do??

For starters, we use the laser in place of the conventional drill to take care of cavities and help restore teeth. In doing so, it nearly completely eliminates the need for local anesthesia – sometimes even for baby root canals! In addition, it avoids the vibrations and the sounds of the drill! So, just imagine, we can now AVOID SHOTS AND AVOID DRILLS!!

Laser technology allows us to:

  • Effectively, painlessly complete hard and soft tissue treatments
  • Release lip and tongue ties to avoid speech problems and improve breastfeeding
  • Do multiple procedures in just one convenient visit


By using a soft tissue laser, your dentist can provide gentle care with the ultimate precision. An advanced system of care, soft tissue lasers operate by generating focused light energy to gently and precisely shape or remove the targeted soft tissue without affecting any adjacent areas. 

By eliminating direct tissue contact, along with the pressure or any other type of discomfort typically associated with procedures involving a surgical scalpel, soft tissue lasers can minimize the need for dental anesthesia. In addition to the delivery of care that is more comfortable, soft tissue lasers also offer excellent hemostasis to control bleeding during surgical procedures as well as provide quicker recovery and healing times with reduced amounts of post-operative swelling and scarring. 

Soft tissue lasers have multiple applications and can be used by your dentist to provide many types of care, including periodontal procedures to treat gum disease as well as recontouring gingival tissues for cosmetic purposes and the placement of dental prostheses. Dental laser technology can also be used to in the treatment of mouth ulcerations and viral lesions, the incision, and drainage of abscesses, biopsies, the removal of fibromas, the performance of frenectomies, and for the exposure of unerupted permanent teeth or to uncover dental implants in order to facilitate the placement of a restoration.

Thanks to the advent of soft tissue laser technology, your dentist can provide precise and gentle care for a more comfortable and stress-free dental experience!


The development of dental laser technology represents one of the most significant advances in modern dentistry. Today, dental lasers are being increasingly used to treat tooth decay, periodontal disease, to perform biopsies or remove oral lesions, to cure restorative (filling) materials, as well to activate in-office teeth whitening systems. Laser systems known as, “all tissue lasers,” can perform clinical procedures on both hard and soft tissues.

Dental lasers combine laser energy with water and air to safely cut and shape target soft or hard tissues in the mouth. Laser energy precisely cuts through tooth structure by exciting the water molecules in the tooth. It operates without direct contact to the tooth and without heat, vibration, or pressure thereby minimizing the discomfort of the procedure and the need for dental anesthesia. In addition, dental lasers can reduce anxiety for patients fearful of dental work, minimize post-operative bleeding and swelling, and preserve healthy tooth structure during the removal of decay.

While dental lasers may be an excellent treatment option in some situations, they cannot be used for every dental procedure.

How can it be used for soft tissue procedures in children and teenagers?

  1. For Lingual Frenectomies - release of tongue-ties (ankyloglossia). A boon for newborns with nursing issues who cannot “latch on”- we have so many testimonials from grateful moms of newborns!! Or for toddlers with speech issues, for children in orthodontic treatment.
  2. For Labial Frenectomies – to facilitate better results for orthodontics
  3. For Surgical Exposures of teeth
  4. Operculectomies
  5. For Gingival Recontouring.

Please call us for more information or to schedule a visit to our office to see and learn more about this amazing innovation!

As always, we promise to strive to provide the best possible care for all your referrals.

Yours sincerely,


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