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Myobrace interceptive orthodontics appliances effectively train the tongue to position correctly in the upper jaw, retrain oral musculature and exert light forces to align the teeth. This is a three stage appliance system designed specifically to correct poor oral habits while treat upper and lower jaw development problems.

The main goals of treatment:

  • Lips together at all times expect when speaking or eating.
  • Breathe through the nose, to assist the development of the upper and lower jaws, and to achieve the correct bite.
  • No lip activity when swallowing, which allows front teeth to develop correctly.
  • Improved dental alignment.
  • Improved facial development.

Stage 1 of the appliance is for habit correction. This appliance is made of flexible silicone to adapt to any arch form and poorly aligned teeth. Its flexible nature also means that it offers improved retention for night time use. The stage 2 provides arch development in addition to habit correction. This appliance features a dynamic Core with a Frankel Cage which assists in developing arch form and improving the dental alignment. The stage 3 provides final alignment and retention. This appliance is a firm polyurethane construction that provides excellent tooth alignment and retention. The hollow tongue tag finalizes tongue position.

Myobrace has pioneered the use of appliances to correct myofunctional habits in growing children and has proven success in orthodontic correction without braces. This treatment can lead to better facial development in growing children. The key to this treatment is correcting the position and function of the tongue, obtaining correct nose breathing and retraining the oral muscles correctly.

Treatment time differs depending on each patient for successful outcome the appliance must be used daily for 1 to 2 hours plus overnight while sleeping. Regular monitoring by your dentist is essential for successful treatment.

There are Myobrace systems suitable for a range of patients ages and needs.

  • Myobrace Juniors ages 3 - 5
  • Myobrace Kids ages 5-10
  • Myobrace Teens ages 10 - 15
  • Myobrace Adults ages 15+

Often habits such as prolonged thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, and certain swallowing or breathing patterns that can open or distort the bite are better dealt with when care is initiated at a younger age. Interceptive treatment is also helpful when the top jaw is too narrow, not developing in harmony with the lower jaw, or permanent top teeth are behind the lower ones when closing the jaws. Likewise, if a young child's front teeth protrude excessively or very severe crowding is present a first phase of orthodontic care can be beneficial.

The objectives of interceptive treatment and a first phase of orthodontic care are to influence jaw growth, create more space for crowded teeth, help to correct harmful habits, and improve facial aesthetics. With interceptive treatment the likelihood of impacted permanent teeth as well as the need for extractions of permanent teeth can be lessened. Interceptive treatment can also simplify the next phase of orthodontic care.

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